Average Speed Calculator for Running, Jogging, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Biking, Flying, Riding etc. Converting km/h to MPH

Calculate Your Average Speed in Kilometers (Kilometres) per Hour and Miles per Hour

The Average Speed Calculator shows you how many Kilometers (Kilometres) per Hour and Meters (Metres) per Second you run, jog, walk, swim, cycle etc. and this calculator converts your average speed from km h to mph. You can now calculate the time for running, swimming, walking and cycling in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds ( format: 9.58). For the distance you can enter km and / or Meter (Metre).

This speed calculator km h converts automatically kilometres (kilometers) per hour to Miles per Hour.

We also calculate the hypothetical time for your favourite distance if you enter in the last fields the corresponding Kilometers (Kilometres) or Meters (Metres).

AVG Speed Calculator Version 2

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On this page you get to know how fast you did in average when running, walking, swimming, driving, flying, biking, riding or otherwise moving forward. Please input your time in minutes and seconds and the distance in meters.

You can also check in what time you would have reached your favorite distance, e.g. London-Tokyo or in a marathon.

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Please input your route in meters:

and your time in minutes and seconds:


Your avarage speed was: km/h
If you would like to know, in what time you would have reached a certain distance with that velocity, e.g. 10000 m or in a marathon or whatever else, please input the distance in meters.

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